Study with MiProfe

Is the date of your Physics exam approaching and you do not feel sufficiently prepared? Do you need to study or review English? Do you require support in your accounting task or exercise? What if we tell you that we can help you in this and much more without you having to leave home and at the time that suits you best? Study with MiProfe, a platform online classes where you can find advice in various areas of knowledge: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Languages and Accounting.

And don't think that for being on the internet MiProfe It will not offer you the same quality as a traditional class. Through the computer, Tablet or Smarphone, you will have access to the same content and teaching materials normally used in classrooms, including texts, images, exercises and tasks, as well as direct (and live) interaction with the online teacher. No matter where you are, our online classes exceed geographic distances!

How to study at a distance with MiProfe?

At MiProfe we have private teachers who offer you school support in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Languages (English, French, German and Portuguese) and Accounting. So you just register on our platform and choose the online help that best suits your needs:

• Do you need help with an exam? Select our service Help for your exams

• Do you need help in any matter? Hire our Permanent help in the subjects.

• Do you have to do a task or solve several exercises? Choose our Helps in solving problems or tasks.

How are the classes taught?

The class in MiProfe is taught through videoconferences, so you only need a computer, tablet or smartphone (or smartphone) with an internet connection, a webcam, a headset and a microphone.

We have a virtual classroom, which will allow you to interact with your online teacher, so you can exchange opinions or comment on the contents of the class. But there is more! The classroom is equipped with a blackboard, which you can see directly on your monitor, where your tutor will answer all your questions and exercises. In addition, it can also be used to share presentations and images, transmit audios, videos and much more. Now you will enjoy more enjoyable classes that have been pedagogically designed to help you understand the concepts, not memorize them!

But do you know what is best of all? The virtual whiteboard allows all the contents seen in the class to be saved, so you can access them again and review everything that has been explained. Forget about taking notes!

And what about the schedules?

You define when and where to study: you hire the hours and days that are best for you. You can schedule your classes in mathematics, physics, accounting or any other subject on the day and time that best suits you, even on weekends; and attend them from your home, office, library, plaza ... from anywhere you have internet access! No need to be making unnecessary trips!

Which teacher do I choose?

Study with MiProfe

At MiProfe, according to your needs or concerns, we will assign you the teacher who best handles the subject in which you have difficulties. So you will learn in a totally personalized way with private teachers with years of experience in the area.

And the price?

In our Blog We have content that is free, but online classes, as it is personalized support, are paid. Do not forget that the teacher has taken time to prepare and develop the class for you and, after all, he is doing his job: teaching and building learning, using the Internet for this. However, our classes are cheaper than traditional tutoring, since they eliminate the cost of travel (both yours and that of the teachers). Prices will depend on the number of classes and packages contracted. At MiProfe each session costs between 8.5 and 15 $USD, depending on the number of classes and packages you hire.

So don't wait any longer, join MiProfe now and start learning without leaving home with our online classes. I assure you that with us you will not feel alone, our private teachers will accompany and guide you throughout the process and will answer all your questions and concerns. ¡Study with MiProfe!