What is an online class?

For many years, we have associated the idea of class to a classroom where a teacher dictates a subject to his students. However, thanks to technological development, a notion has emerged that has redefined what we think about it: online class.

A online class It is similar to a traditional one, but in this case, it is taught over the internet, via videoconference, with a virtual whiteboard and at the time the student chooses. It is he who decides when and where to study. You can schedule your math, chemistry, or any other subject on the day and time that works best for you, even on weekends; and attend them from your home, office, library, park ... from anywhere you have internet access!

Therefore, in a online class There is a teacher who teaches a subject, but instead of sitting in a classroom in front of him, the student can be attending the class from anywhere with a device with an internet connection. And the latter, apart from avoiding displacement and rigid schedules, offers you many other advantages.

What are some of the windows of online classes?

We have already discussed flexibility in travel and time; By studying remotely online, the student contracts the hours and days that are convenient for his classes, and he does not waste time on unnecessary trips. No more hours of being stuck in traffic! But, there are more advantages!

Full interaction

It does not matter that the student and the teacher do not share the same location (city, country or even continent), online classes are live and in real time, they are also bi-directional. That is, both the student and the teacher can send and receive messages (verbal or written) simultaneously live.

Better use of the class

In traditional classes there are times when the teacher explains the same problem several times because one of the students has not understood it, this can be a waste of time for some students. Also, taking notes at the same time as the explanation can make you not pay the maximum attention. In online class this does not happen. The student hires a private teacher who teaches the material for himself and the virtual classroom allows all the material developed to be registered. So you can access this later, as many times as you want!

Content customization

The online class allows the online teacher to prepare the content according to the needs and expectations of the student.

Saving money

The price will depend on the number of classes and packages contracted. Generally, online classes are cheaper than traditional tutoring, since they eliminate the cost of teachers' travel (as well as that of students). In MiProfe each session costs between 8.5 and 15 $USD, depending on the number of classes and packages that are contracted.

Furthermore, since all content is shared virtually, the student does not spend on photocopies or other similar materials.

Online class

And how is an online class taught?

  • The online class is taught through videoconferences, so it is required to have a computer, tablet or smartphone (or smartphone) with an internet connection, a webcam, earpiece and a microphone. Occasionally, a device that supports digital writing may be required.

  • The student accesses a virtual classroom, which is equipped with a whiteboard that he can see directly on his monitor and where the teacher solves his doubts and exercises. It can also be used to share presentations and images, stream videos and audios, communicate with each other and much more.

  • The virtual whiteboard normally allows all the contents seen in the class to be saved, so the student can access them again and review everything that has been explained. You don't need to be taking notes!

Online classes are very practical for specific moments, such as during the exam period or when help is needed to solve problems, since it is possible to hire one or more classes, depending on the student's needs.

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