Marketing in social networks

The social media marketing or Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an extraordinary way for companies to reach prospects and clients, since it allows them to approach and strengthen the emotional bond with them, as well as boost sales. Along with SEO or web positioning, Email Marketing y Content Marketing, is one of the fundamental tools for Digital Marketing strategies.

What is social media marketing?

Marketing in social media is a form of Internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content through social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, among others. All in order to satisfy the commercial objectives of a particular company or person (positioning a brand, increasing visibility, selling a product, etc.).

Social media marketing includes activities such as posting updates to blog posts, images, videos and other relevant and valuable content that facilitate the brand's interaction with its target audience, at a much more direct, personalized and dynamic level than with techniques. traditional marketing (television, radio, etc.), allowing to create relationships of proximity and trust.

The most used platforms to carry out social media marketing campaigns are:


It allows you to promote products or services in messages limited to 140 characters that appear on the timeline of the company's followers. The messages can be related to the main website of the product, blog, a profile on other networks or social media, images, videos, etc. It is also used as a means of providing customer service.


It is the platform with the highest number of registered users; It allows you to include the same content as Twitter, but with much longer descriptions, it also allows live streaming and sends reminders of events or special dates. In addition, it allows users to read the comments that others write on the page of the brand or company.


social media marketing - instagramHe is the king of photography; It allows you to share moments through a completely visual environment immediately, making it one of the favorite platforms for audiences of different ages.


It is the perfect platform for those working in the B2B field (Business-to-business); It allows companies to create professional profiles to develop a business network. Members can use the company pages to create areas to promote their products or services, therefore it is important for the company to establish groups in its niche and invite others in its target market to join.


It is the perfect platform for high quality images; Allows you to convert images to viral in a simple and effective way (if the image is fixed by a member with a large number of followers, it has the potential to be seen by millions of people).


It is the king of videos and in recent years it has become a perfect space to do Social Media Marketing more efficiently, since it not only allows you to offer content in a more creative way, but also to develop communication between the brand, product or services and the audience in a direct and constant way.


social media marketing - youtubeImage or branding.

Direct and personalized interaction with users increases brand popularity and image, as the company feels closer to them.

Higher number of visits

A well-targeted Social Media Marketing strategy not only increases the visibility of the brand, but the traffic to our website.

High conversion rate

A brand that constantly interacts with the user and creates relationships of proximity and trust with them, making them feel close and important, more easily make new sales or businesses.


With the increasing increase in online community engagement, the use of social media is becoming increasingly popular, making it a critical means of reaching large numbers of people.


Marketing on social networks allows the publication of content in different formats such as audio, video, text, blogs, etc., making it one of the fastest and cheapest ways to disseminate any type of information.

Data collection

Considering the SMM in our marketing campaign is an excellent way to gather information about the brand's target. Unlike traditional media (tv, radio) where users are passive participants, social networks allow them to actively participate and exchange information, sharing experiences, offering their opinions and comments on products or services. This means that companies can interact with the customer in real time and benefit from communication.