Internet marketing

The Internet Marketing It deals with the study and use of techniques to promote and sell products and services on the Internet. Some of the activities it includes are pay-per-click advertising, designing and publishing ads on websites, email marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, use of social networks, content marketing, among other. It is also known as digital marketing.

Internet Marketing is a component of electronic commerce or e-commerce, and in recent years it has positioned itself as one of the best ways to advertise and grow businesses and brands, thanks to the opportunities for growth, positioning and dissemination that offer. These are some of its advantages:


Affordable costs.

Internet Marketing strategies (website ads, email marketing, SEO search, use of social media and social networks, blog and content development, etc.) are less expensive than traditional marketing.

Measurement of results in real time.

internet marketing - measurementsThrough the metrics, marketing campaigns can be measured in a 100% of cases, allowing to know the impact of the strategy, what impact it has had, in which sectors and even the return on investment (ROI).

Create image or branding.

It is said that if a company is not on the Internet "it does not exist" since it has been proven that a large number of people search the web before buying a product or service.

Best segmentation on the market.

It allows a very specific, personalized and precise segmentation, improving relations with our target.

Create community

By establishing new forms of contact with clients and potential clients, it allows creating a community that interacts with the brand, developing an emotional bond between it and consumers.

Increase traffic

It allows to increase traffic to our website through SEO and SEM.

Global reach

Internet is a global network, any company can reach the entire world with communication, since there are no distances to be traveled and there are no geographical limits.


In his book Let's talk about Interactive MarketingPaul Fleming, specialist in Digital Marketing and professor at The Institute of Digital Economy of ESIC (ICEMD), refers to the 4 F's of Online Marketing: Flow, Functionality, Feedback and Loyalty. These are considered the four variables to consider to carry out an effective Digital Marketing strategy.

internet marketingFlow

This variable refers to the interactivity of a website and the added value offered to users. According to Fleming, flow is "the mental state in which an Internet user enters when immersed in a website that offers an experience full of interactivity and added value." The user must be attracted to the web), in other words, it must capture their attention. To do this effectively, you have to offer attractive content that generates value.


Once the user has entered the flow state, he is on the way to being captured, but so that this flow does not break (that is, the users do not leave the website or are disappointed to have entered), it is necessary to provide the online presence of functionality. Therefore, this point basically refers to the design of the website; This must be attractive, with clear and useful navigation for the user. It is recommended to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) design principle.


Once users are comfortably browsing our website, the time has come for “Feedback”, that is, to have a cordial conversation with them and take advantage of their experience and knowledge (what they like, what they would like to improve, etc.). In Fleming's words: "In short, dialogue with the client to get to know him better and build a relationship based on his needs, to personalize the page based on this after each contact."


After capturing the user's attention with an attractive site, with value and functionality, as well as knowing all their tastes and interests, the next step is "Loyalty".

Develop in them the feeling of belonging, so that they visit our website again and again and are faithful to the brand of the product or service. How is this accomplished? Focusing on web content, offering relevant, valuable and updated information for our target.