Tools for Email Marketing

One of the most effective tools in the digital marketing is he email marketing. This refers to the mass sending of emails with informative or commercial intentions; It is usually used to strengthen the relationship with customers or attract potential customers. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of leads, offer your subscribers valuable and relevant content about your products and services, or even build trust and brand image, you can count on email marketing to achieve the goals you want.

Now, if you are thinking about launching an email marketing campaign, you will surely know that a good strategy must always be accompanied by an adequate tool (that covers everything you need). For this reason, I invite you to know the 11 best tools for email marketing:

Top 11 email marketing tools


Email marketing tools - loyaltyWith more than 10 years in the market, Fidelizador is a platform developed by, a company with an operations center in Santiago de Chile and considered as one of the leaders of the Email Marketing service in the country due to its high reputation for IP and arrival at the inbox. Its free 15-day plan allows you to upload a database of up to 500 contacts for actual shipments using all the platform's functionalities.

It is a professional Email Marketing tool that does not sell or commercialize the databases of its clients and that allows to create, send and analyze email campaigns, surveys and events. Due to its simple use, it is ideal for any type of user, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of marketing. Its interface is designed to be self-managing and includes the possibility of data capture, importing a contact list, sending campaigns (segmented campaigns, A / B test campaigns, pausing or stopping campaigns, scheduled shipments), results analysis (report of openings, counter of clicks and percentages, bounces and their reasons, openings by devices, history of subscribers, reports of unsubscriptions), segmentation of contacts, sending targeted content and loyalty.

Among Fidelizador's clients we can find: SERNAC (National Consumer Service), CNN Chile, DirecTV, CORFO (Corporation for the Promotion of Production), METROGAS, among many others.


Tools for email marketing - MailchimpFounded in 2001, Mailchimp is the most famous online platform on the market, standing out for its simplicity and flexibility. It is ideal for those who want to take the first steps in email campaigns. Their plan for entrepreneurs is free, with a capacity of up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Mailchimp allows customizing predesigned templates easily and intuitively, its paid version allows sending automatic emails or autoresponders, as well as sending emails under a specific event. It includes the possibility of performing A / B tests and consulting the real-time reports of the metrics (open rate, clicks, openings, bounce rate, unsubscribe, forwarded, spam, among others), in addition to linking with Google Analytics.

This tool has a mobile application for Android and iOS and APIs to integrate the service with different CMS (WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.). It has three different plans, one free and two payments.


It is a Cross-Channel Marketing platform that combines Email Marketing and SMS, and incorporates a Landing Pages generator and Programmatic Purchase (RTB) in the same tool. Due to its simple use, it is ideal for users who are just starting out in the world of marketing; In its free version, it allows sending up to 5000 emails per month.

The tool allows you to customize 100 predesigned templates in a very easy way, scheduled newsletter deliveries, scheduling the autoresponder, among others. It includes the possibility of carrying out A / B tests, analysis of results in real time (analysis and reporting of clicks on links, openings, bounces, unsubscriptions, etc.); Multiple targeting of recipients and publishing emails on social media. Other options offered are SMS Marketing, Landing Page optimization and CRM Retargeting (the latter two in their 15-day free version).

MDirector has APIs to integrate the service with the most important partners: (WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, cloud store, etc.); and it has three different plans: one free and two paid. The interface is available in 5 different languages in addition to Spanish.


Tools for email marketing - mailrelay


It is a first-rate Spanish platform, standing out for its ease of use and cost. Mailrelay is perfect for bloggers and SMEs, since it allows sending up to 75,000 emails to 15,000 subscribers for free, just for following the company on their social networks. It is totally free for NGOs and has no advertising, not even on free accounts.

This tool has a simple HTML editor, so you can design your email newsletters and campaigns very easily. It allows adding subscription forms, sending scheduled emails and autoresponders; It also offers automatic bounce control, automatic deletion management, real-time campaign reports (opening radius, clicks, bounces, etc.), RSS feed, subscriber filters, A / B test, automate the inclusion of tags. Google Analytics and has a WordPress plugin.

In order to create a Mailrelay account, you must have a corporate email, that is, the domains "", "", etc. they're not allowed.


Email marketing tools - dopplerIt is a free tool, ideal for those starting to take their first steps in email campaigns, since it facilitates the creation of campaigns in four steps. Their free plan only allows up to 500 contacts but with unlimited monthly emails.

Doppler also allows you to personalize messages according to the target (segmentation), it has predesigned templates that are very easy to edit, create forms to generate subscribers and a social campaign (to promote on social networks). It offers a summary of metrics in email marketing campaigns and, like other online tools, allows integration with Google Analytics.

If the number of subscribers is exceeded for its free version, Doppler offers an extraordinary plan that allows you to reload a certain number of emails or, on the contrary, pay a cheap monthly plan (if we compare it with other platforms).


Email marketing tools - BenchmarkIt is an Email Marketing tool that offers a free account without expiration. Users can send up to 14,000 emails per month to a total of 2,000 subscribers. It offers technical support entirely in Spanish, 365 days a year. It has more than 500 easy-to-edit templates and allows you to create registration forms, autoresponders, surveys and polls, as well as manage the lists: segmentation, import and integration.

Benchmark offers real-time reporting, so email campaigns can be tracked. It allows testing A and B and integration with more than 300 applications, including WordPress.


Tools for email marketing - mailjet

Founded in 2010, it is an online tool to create newsletters, carry out advertising campaigns or send mass emails. It has different types of plans, including a free one that allows sending up to 6,000 emails a month (maximum 200 a day). Their paid plans are quite affordable.

With Mailjet it is possible to create and personalize email and newsletter templates in a simple way, simply by drag & drop. It allows the automation of welcome emails, notification and confirmations, recipient segmentation (not available in the free plan). As well as the analysis and monitoring of campaigns in real time. In addition, it allows adding the opt-in widget to your website to collect emails.


Email marketing tools - acumbamail

It is a Spanish tool that allows you to send mass emails. Your free account allows the possibility of integrating the mail server in client applications and sending up to 2000 emails per month to a maximum of 2000 subscribers. It also has other payment plans (quite cheap) with their corresponding characteristics that adjust to the user's needs.

With Acumbamail you can easily edit the default templates, create customizable forms to integrate into your website. Customize submissions, segment lists, import and export contacts, and schedule autoresponders (such as registered customers, subscriber birthdays, or campaign openings). It also allows for A / B testing and the analysis and monitoring of campaigns over time. This tool offers guides on email marketing and a free course on the same subject.


Email marketing tools - activecampaign

It is a tool that allows you to do all the operations you need for your Email Marketing campaign. For this reason, it is considered one of the best email marketing automation and management services available. With a clear, clean and very easy to use interface, it offers a 14-day trial.

ActiveCampaign allows full automation, segmenting contacts (normally and by labels), sending personalized emails according to segmentation. Tags and conditional content (for example, a subscriber who is not assigned a certain tag, will not be able to see a fragment of the email related to it); and create funnels easily. It also has CRM to control your customers, analysis report of all data, tracking pixel (Facebook style) to track all your contacts in real time.

Also, this platform has an integration with Zapier, so it can connect with more than 200 other services, among which it includes LeadPages, QuoteRoller, Zoho, Salesforce, Evernote, CapsuleCRM and much more. In addition to this, their prices are very reasonable and their customer service is very fast and efficient (although it is in English).


Email marketing tools - GetResponse

It is a tool with great potential, available in 19 different languages (including Spanish), although it does not have the possibility of creating a free account. Offers a 30-day free trial period. This platform has a simple interface, allows you to edit more than 500 templates for newsletters, orders, courses, among others, and create landing pages, with the option of selecting one of the more than 100 available. It also allows integrating web forms, programming campaigns, sending autoresponders, performing A / B tests, integration with Google Analytics and making measurements and monitoring of statistics in real time.

Unlike other tools, GetResponse offers very useful functionalities. For example, unique IP addresses, full personalization and the possibility of integrating it with other services that companies like WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, Twitter, and many more often use. It has a very effective chat support support.


Tools for email marketing - teenvio

In a Spanish 100% tool with more than 10 years in the market. It has a simple interface (available only in Spanish), ideal for users with little technical knowledge. Its free plan allows sending up to 5000 emails with a limit of 1000 subscribers and a limit of one daily sending. It offers other payment plans adapted to the different needs of companies or businesses.

With Teenvio you can create forms to integrate them into your website, import and export contacts, segment, easily edit predesigned templates. Send programmed emails, integrate with social networks and Google Analytics, carry out spam tests and send SMS / MMS. It also offers reports of the analytics of the campaigns in real time (clicks, openings, readings, unsubscriptions, etc.).